Greek Olive oil of Achaia starOlive

Unique Quality. The quality of olive oil is determined by its place of origin. A simple test is enough to persuade even the most unbelieving of its splendid taste, flavour and density, like so many of our customers in Greece and abroad.


The olive tree is a blessed tree thriving in the stony and arid Mediterranean region. It produces fruit under unfavourable conditions such as drought, strong winds and high temperatures, while its longevity and productivity have written the history of the Mediterranean peoples. The olive tree has illuminated, nourished, crowned, adorned; it has been identified with high ideals and inspired the Greek civilization, which thrived for long periods of history in the Mediterranean region.
Το δέντρο

The tree

The official name of the evergreen centuries-old olive tree is Olea Europea Sativa. The tame olive tree originates in the eastern Mediterranean basin. It adapts to long, dry and hot summers, while at the same time demonstrating remarkable endurance at temperatures as low as 0 °C. In their adult life, olive trees are medium-sized trees. In some cases, the trees can reach a height of 10 metres. Additionally, there are dwarf olive trees that serve for decorative purposes.
Ο καρπός

The fruit

At the end of spring the flowers slowly develop into small fruits, commonly named ‟shoots” because initially they are very small and grow slowly. During this period, it is important not to have unstable weather conditions, such as high humidity and heat, so that the fruits will grow and ripen. Summer is also a very crucial period, particularly for the southern regions of Greece, where there is extensive cultivation of the oil tree. The ripening of the fruit begins in autumn and is completed in winter, which is also the oil harvest period.