The collection of the olive fruit takes place in our area on a daily basis, mainly with the manual labour of at least four persons who carefully collect it so as to avoid hurting or damaging it. In larger groves, the collection of the oil fruit is performed alternatively with the use of harvest machinery, thus avoiding damaging the fruit, thereby causing increased acidity to the olive oil. The fruit is transported to the oil mill on the same day so that grinding will begin immediately. In this way, pure olive oil of excellent quality is produced.


harvest is performed with the use of personnel and with means that do not hurt the olive fruit.


Before grinding, the preparation of the olive fruit takes place, first by means of defoliation and then by washing with plentiful clean water, so that the fruit is free of foreign bodies and pollutants and ready for grinding. Then, the grinding of the olive fruit takes place in a special instantaneous way, thus avoiding taking the strain from its multiple rotations. In this way, the formation of emulsions is avoided and the pleasant colour and taste of our product is achieved.


grinding of the fruit, namely its segmentation into tiny segments which form the well known oil paste.


After this brief grinding method, we achieve the cold pressing of the olive fruit without artificially high temperatures as, during the malaxation of the olive paste, the temperature increases automatically to normal levels due to friction, without the addition of water, resulting in the traditional olive oil the founders of our company produced one hundred years ago.


pure natural olive juice, as derived from the cold-pressed olive fruit.


The exceptional virgin olive oil is stored in stainless (inox) tanks in a shady place and at a stable temperature throughout the year. With the appropriate packaging and standardisation, our end product is always delivered fresh and safe to all of you who honour us with your choice and gastronomic preference.


storage of olive oil in large stainless tanks and maturation at a stable temperature.