Company Background

The installations of our company have always operated in Achaia, a region in the northwest Peloponnese, and more specifically in the village of Stavrochori located at the 17th km of the Patra-Tripoli national road. It belongs to the municipality of Erymanthos, named after Mount Erymanthos where, in his fourth labour, demigod Hercules walked and captured the Erymanthian boar, an enormous boar terrorising the local people.

In the area, one can find both young and centuries-old trees from which the dense, natural and distinctive in aroma olive oil is produced. A basic nutritional element that has nourished generations after generations through the ages.

specific period


Our experience stems from the early 1900's, when the Christodoulopoulos family established a traditional oil mill with the millstones and olive harvest hessian fabrics, which we now encounter only as museum exhibits.

Our company was established by my ancestor Panagiotis A. Cristodoulopoulos in 1901 and operated until 1955, when my father undertook the management, who then established a more modern olive oil production plant that operated until 1986.
Another period


For three generations we have continued the olive oil extraction from our olive trees and the production of extra virgin olive oil, combining the technology of today with the tradition of the past.

The owner and chairman of our company Panagiotis Christodoulopoulos, also a knowledgeable and experienced mechanical engineer, has devoted much time and effort to the creation of the ecological and biological olive oil production plant for the production of virgin olive oil of exceptional quality, with special grinding and pressing methods of the olive fruit and the subsequent packaging of the exquisite product, so that it is distributed to every corner of the earth under the label of starOlive.
One more period


Our company has expressed its intention to increase its products and, in the close future, produce more derivatives from the precious centuries-old trees.

The new generation, 4th in a row, promises to further promote our company with actions in Greece and abroad, taking advantage of every opportunity with respect to the principles and vision of our ancestors, which are none other than quality and tradition.